Mainline Linux on Marvell PXA1908

The Marvell PXA1908 was Marvell’s first ARM64 SoC released sometime around 2014 or 2015. The SoC is used in some of Samsung’s entry level 2015 phones such as the Core Prime VE LTE and the Xcover 3 LTE. The PXA1908 currently has out-of-tree support for booting mainline Linux.

Building outside pmbootstrap

  1. Clone and compile pxa-mkbootimg
  2. Clone repository
  3. Checkout coreprimevelte
  4. Get kernel config from pmaports
  5. make the kernel and create a boot.img using the below script

Script for creating boot.img

Written to be run from out/arch/arm64/boot. Adapt to your needs.


mkimage -A arm64 -C gzip -a 0x1000000 -e 0x1000000 -n "pxa1928dkb linux" -d Image.gz uImage
~/code/pxa-mkbootimg/pxa1908-dtbTool -p ../../../scripts/dtc/ -s 2048 -o dt.img dts/marvell/
~/code/pxa-mkbootimg/pxa-mkbootimg \
    --kernel uImage \
    --base 0x10000000 \
    --ramdisk /tmp/postmarketOS-export/initramfs \
    --ramdisk_offset 0x1000000 \
    --pagesize 2048 \
    --dt dt.img \
    --second_offset 0xf00000 \
    --tags_offset 0x100 \
    -o boot.img


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