Dropping Gitea

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Originally published on August 18, 2023
Last modified on September 16, 2023

I have decided to drop Gitea as it’s only really useful when you have multiple people collaborating on a project and is just bloatware otherwise. To demonstrate, here’s how much bandwidth it takes to load in the old Gitea site’s main page:


Here’s how much it takes up with the amazing gitweb:


If you do the math, you will find that the new gitweb site is roughly 22.18 times smaller than the Gitea site! This will certainly help with browsing on older computers and weaker internet connections.

(Also notice that gitweb does not make that pesky 3rd-party request!)

I also expect to move some of my previous projects from Git{Hub,Lab} here relatively soon.

What about the old site?

I will keep it as an option in case I by some miracle end up creating a project with lots of outside contribution as that’s when it would become truly useful. Until then, I always accept patches sent with the venerable git send-email.

If the new site breaks down in any way, please let me know.